«UVEDI» Company specializes in export ondeliveries of carrots from Ukraine as well as deliveris within the country. We offer our customers high quality vegetables and reasonable prices. The crop is grown the rich Ukrainian soil free from chemical growth boosters and other additives that may have negative health impact.

What makes out carrots so attractive?

«UVEDI» Company carefully selects farms to cooperate with. Besides organizing storage and delivery of crops our employees care of the crop cultivating process. That's why we can be sure our vegetables are of high quality, are safe and chemicals free.

«UVEDI» Company distributes carrots in Ukraine. Our task is to create a great business able to meet consumers' needs in natural agricultural production of high quality. We have everything to attend our goal: competent employees, modern equipment for storing and packing vegetables well-though logistics and trusted suppliers.

Contact us to learn more - our contacts are available on this website We are always ready to negotiate our terms to build mutually benefitial business relations with our customers.

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