Onion on export

Growing onions

We use modern green technology of cultivation of onions. The main feature is complete elimination of harmful fertilizers and pesticides from this process. All our products is safe for human health.

Onions on export

On our fields we using drip irrigation, so even in the dry season onion continues to maintain steady growth and freshness.

Onion exports

Harvesting occurs only by hand, so the onion is not damaged by blades and wheels of assembly machine.

All onions at once packed in strong mesh bags 17-20 kg. This reduces friction and mechanical contact between bulbs and creates additional convenience for handling products.

Exporting onions

After gathering onions dried in a grid on the field for several days.

Onions storing

Onion in refregerator

Assemblies and the dried onion is placed in special equipment fridge storage. Where he can retain its freshness and useful qualities for long period of time.

Onion export

Each batch of onion outgoing on export from Ukraine completed all the necessary documents that will be more than sufficient for customs clearance and guarantee the quality of our products.

Bags with onions from the store are loaded into the container manually.


Before and after loading container weighed on special scales. We precisely ship products that you ordered.

Minimum order for export is 20 metric tons.

«UVEDI» - #1 onion exporter in Ukraine

«UVEDI» Company offers fresh onions grown on the fertile Ukrainian soil rich with minerals. We offer out clients natural ecologically safe products free from harmful substances and chemical impurities. We sell yellow, white and red onions. The production is distributed within Ukraine and abroad.

Why working with us?

As a supplier of agricultural products we offer very attractive terms of cooperation. We are proud of being able to offer optimum price-to-quality ratio and convenient workflows organization - from crop storage to product delivery.

«UVEDI» Company offers attractive terms of cooperation organizes onions export from Ukraine. Each customer is provided with a flexible and convenient business offer. We shall organize the process of delivery, registration of documentation and make the packing of onions.

Our products quality is always great, because our vegetables are grown with love and care. Minimum fertilizers, rich Ukrainian soil sated by minerals and competent organization of crop storage are the basis of our business. Without all that we could hardly offer you delicious fresh onions.

«UVEDI» Company carries out distribution of onions in Ukraine and actively searches for new business solutions. Our company carefully selects suppliers and competently organizes the processes of logistics, storage and exports of production.

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